Microsoft has promised to do its bit for public sector transformation by providing training in digital skills for 30,000 public servants in the UK. The training is expected to familiarise public servants with the capabilities of solutions including Dynamics 365, Outlook and Azure. For everybody else, however, it’s business as usual – they need to bring in the talent with the requisite skills in Microsoft’s latest software platform.

The introduction of 365 into Microsoft’s software suite has shaken up the Dynamics market somewhat, with enterprises having bought into the solution on the promise that it will integrate data that was previously kept in separate applications so that people and organisations can work more efficiently and achieve more.

Indeed, from the outset, it’s hard not to be impressed by Dynamics 365. To better enable end-to-end business processes, Microsoft have unified the navigation and core user experience across each of the Dynamics 365 applications. So, when the user logs into Dynamics 365, the home-screen will show them all the Business Apps and information relevant to them and their role.

There is more to Dynamics 365 than just simple, consistent navigation, of course. For enterprises to be able to use the solution for all its worth, however, they need to ensure that they have the right team on board to optimise the technology investment.

In a report on the challenges of implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX from a few years ago, PwC concluded that: “Microsoft Dynamics AX is a very powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that can bring huge benefits to an organisation implementing it. However, all too often the implementation process is fraught with difficulties with potentially disastrous and costly consequences. In all cases, the lack of awareness, skills and expertise coupled with poor project management is the root cause.”

The same implementation challenges apply to Dynamics 365. Depending on what route they opt for, enterprises must either select the right Microsoft partner or get the appropriate talent on board.

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