At Talent, we’re about more than finding you your next role or assignment. We’re committed to empowering you in many other ways that will support your career, well being, and lifestyle. Our proposition is truly unique.

How can we change your world?

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Contractor Work

At Talent, we believe in taking our contractors to an 'impossible place' which is our way of saying we aim to provide a level of customer service that might surprise people beyond their best expectations. From finding your next role to managing your entire contracting experience, we are determined to make your life easier through the introduction of an exciting new digital platform that has the potential to transform your contracting user experience.

Plus, if you contract through Talent you will also have access to an exciting program that recognises your loyalty and association with Talent, helping to empower you on both a personal and professional level.

As an IT contractor with Talent you can rest assured that:

  • Our world class payroll team will ensure you’re paid on time, every time

  • Our contractor care programs have you at the heart of the Talent experience

  • Our clients claim that their greatest satisfaction with Talent is the ‘quality of our candidates’

  • Our client relationships mean that we are quick to respond to any queries or issues

Talent Testimonial

Jason McGrice

“As a professional in the Large Enterprise arena, I have been employed as both a permanent and a contractor. Moving from permanent back into contracting Talent provided a seamless move that was personal as well as professional.

Any issues or questions are dealt with promptly and the re-sign for an extended contract was negotiated quick and with an excellent rate. Talent have the clients that professionals want to work for, 5 stars from me.”

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Permanent Positions

At Talent we believe in Empowering Technology Professionals around the world through unparalleled levels of service. With an incomparable understanding of the industry and dedication to our candidates we are primed to provide you the perfect role.

You will also have access to an exciting loyalty program that recognises your loyalty and association with Talent and attempts to empower you on both a personal and professional level.

With a diverse and growing client base our position as recruiter of choice amongst a range of industries ensures that we can open up a world of possibilities and change your life – not just your career.

Talent Testimonial

Eujin Wong“Talent gave me the opportunity to spread my wings and gain experience in a field that, whilst related to my experience (recruitment), I had no opportunity to explore previously (internal recruitment / HR). Talent's sense of urgency and direct honesty set them apart. You always know where you stand with them and they act quicker than most. If you need Talent to do something, it's done. “
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Unparalleled Benefits

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Talent Engage is our loyalty and engagement program that is revolutionising the way you can manage your professional profile, pay, resume, account manager contact, and much more. But that’s not all we’re providing a range of exclusive benefits to help our contractors grow personally and professionally thanks to our amazing partners such as Virgin Velocity, Medibank, Hertz, Specsavers, ANZ and Bentleys just to name a few…

We also have a partnership with Percipio (powered by Skillsoft) where Talent Engage members have free access to develop their skills across IT & Development, Business, Digital and Management and Leadership. Percipio delivers an immersive learning experience, with over 25,000 pieces of content and courses through 500 curated learning paths.

The Talent Engage program is live in Australia and New Zealand, contact us to find out more.


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Inspiring Change

Uniting technology professionals to inspire change.

By 2020, Talent RISE aims to inspire, enfranchise and positively impact at least 10,000 young people though education and job placement opportunities in the technology sector.

By partnering with leading not-for-profit organisations,  Talent RISE  will help you make a difference to the next generation through mentoring, workplace buddies, and training opportunities across the world.

At Talent, we believe in making a difference and leaving a legacy for the next generation.  We’d love to have you join us.



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Unleashing Greatness

Since 2013, Talent has been awarding the amazing individuals and businesses that are driving innovation and disruption across the technology community in the annual Talent Unleashed Awards.

Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak and 8 more of the world’s leading technology and entrepreneurial minds help us uncover and reward the region’s leading technological and entrepreneurial change-makers across 5 global categories..

Each year we are overwhelmed by the high calibre of entries we receive from across the globe. Previous winners of the Talent Unleashed Awards have enjoyed trips to the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship in South Africa as well as Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island to attend the Igniting Change workshop.

At Talent we are passionate about recognising and supporting those exceptional people and organisations that are making the world a better place. And while that doesn’t fit within the traditional narrative of a IT recruitment agency, that doesn’t bother us.

To find out more about the Talent Unleashed Awards visit –


2017/18 Talent Unleashed Winners

In 2018 we flew the Talent Unleashed global winners to San Francisco to tour some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley and enjoy a private VIP lunch with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak.

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Global Opportunities

At Talent, our global network means that we can move you around the world from Sydney to Singapore, Auckland to Adelaide, London to Lisbon, and Manchester to Malaysia. So if you’re looking for a position across the road or across the globe, get in touch.

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Recruitment Specialisation

At Talent, we see the way that technology is changing the nature and construct of the organisational workforce. That’s why we believe that niche IT&T knowledge coupled with deep market awareness and proven candidate engagement strategies are a must for growing in today’s climate.

At Talent we focus on:

  • PMO & Project Management
  • Apps & Mobile
  • Technology Sales
  • Security & Risk
  • IT Executive & Management
  • Digital and Media
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Software Development
  • Telco & Communications