How can software solutions help our ongoing energy crisis?

How can software solutions help our ongoing energy crisis?

Posted March 28, 2023

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges currently upon us. While the main message – reducing the addition of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere – is simple, dealing with multiple direct sources for global emissions is more complex.

The common goal of reducing carbon emissions and accelerating decarbonisation for the greater global good cannot be achieved without a successful energy transition. And software solutions have the potential to play a major part in it.

A change that can’t come fast enough…

The current energy crisis made us even more aware of how vulnerable we are to disruptions in the supply chain, creating a greater demand in renewable energies than ever before. As we are moving away from fossil fuels, sources for “clean energy” can be grouped into various categories such as geothermal, biomass, hydropower, wind and solar. The latter are currently dominating investments in this sector.

Compared to 2017, prices for solar energy dropped by half. But, a rising demand is only one side of the story. What is needed are smooth, consumer friendly and cost-effective integration and management possibilities to maximise the potential of renewable energy sources.

No transition without software

As investments in renewable energy are growing, the market for digital solutions in the energy sector continues to grow too.

●       The installation of photovoltaic systems for households enables consumers to track data and manage systems through apps on their devices.

●       Included storage systems enable consumers to share collected energy with the grid – an area of the energy sector that is expected to expand in the future.

●       Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) will be another important step to further develop renewable energies. As they create networks with the grid and come with manageable digital solutions, this will benefit both the grid as well as the single sustainable energy resource.

●       Development and management of wind turbines where software is necessary for performance predictions, maintenance and even supports obtaining building permits.

In general, software for renewable energy supports processes in generation, consumption, storage, and distribution – making it a key figure in the development. And with wind and solar energy being the most advanced in this area, other energy sources like hydropower or geothermal energy will make up ground in the future.

The tech hurdle for energy and utilities companies

Companies in the renewable energy sector are facing a race against time as the industry is dynamic and demand is only growing. To get the most out of green energy sources like solar panels, wind farms and upcoming innovations, software solutions will play a major part. Tech solutions require skilled teams capable of building, maintaining, and developing adequate software products. Candidates in this field don’t grow on trees and hiring them ahead of your competition will be challenging.

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