For the new generation of IT workers, the rapidly advancing technology world is an exciting place full of opportunities. These workers have grown up with technology in their hands, so the idea of it developing before their eyes is rather alluring.


However, for workers in other sectors or those who haven’t been exposed to the changing tech landscape could be a little overwhelmed and will need to adapt their skillsets in order to keep up with the competition. According to the recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data, for the first time in Australia’s history, there were more people employed in professional, scientific and technical services industry than manufacturing. This highlights the growth and demand emerging in the technology industry.

This said, since the turn of the century, the skillset for this sector has changed multiple times so it is a constant battle for workers to be up-to-date with trends and ideologies.

Security skills
With the ever-increasing risk from cyber crime and data theft, security will need to be one of the key skills that employees incorporate into their toolkit. There are a number of security certifications available in Australia, with many organisations able to train and work with individuals.  US Research group Foote Partners said the value of security skills is going up and there are more jobs available for workers with both the security insight and ability to adapt as new threats emerge.

Big Data and analytics
As data volumes increase and a wider array of information available to businesses, employees who can read into this data and make appropriate conclusions will be of great benefit for the technology industry.

In the book ‘The New Know’, head of the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University, Professor Peter Lee describes the world revolves around data and the ability to process this should be part of every employees’ repertoire.  “One of the things we are starting to see from leading-edge places like Google is the need for graduates with the understanding and skill to cope in the new world of data intensive computing,” he said.

Web development and social media
The world is no longer just about a snapping website. Planning needs to go into how to access the mobile market and create an efficient social media presence.  However, the finer points of HTML and CSS still need careful studying to ensure the success of any app or new design. Industry leaders also note that Javascript is an important skill for the technology industry moving forward.