A new start-up is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin and the industry is set to produce 100,000 new jobs by 2020. If you’re looking to get a tech job, Berlin could be your way in.


In Talent’s Birmingham office we have a desk run by Stuart Day and Matt Atkins which is largely focused on supplying to the start up sector in Berlin. I caught up with Stuart and Matt recently and Stuart explained that there is major demand for mobile developers with IOS, Android and Windows Apps skills, as well as Ruby on Rails.

Reasons for this dramatic  growth include lower costs and lower risks, it’s no secret that Berlin is cheaper than many of its European counterparts. Office overheads and the price of living are cheaper, which gives those entrepreneurs with less money the chance to create. For company owners it’s great for finding staff. Stuart said the city attracts a lot of young, talented people which is great for building up an international team “Berlin is a fun city to live in. If your team has a lot of great things going on outside of work, it will reflect in what you’re building together”.

With more financial latitude and tax breaks comes a “give-it-a-go” atmosphere which means space to hatch exciting and riskier ideas. The Berlin senate is sitting up and respecting its tech-world. With little in the way of traditional industries the city depends a lot on tourism and culture. As more companies set up here and others become internationally established, the government is recognizing the potential the online world has to create jobs and revenue. Mayor Klaus Wowereit has said the council was eyeing the iconic Tempelhof airport buildings as a huge start-up hub.


Meanwhile in London we have another team focused on Germany and the surrounding region. Katherine Cygan, Charlotte Schofield and Olivia Ehrsam specialise in the Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint market covering the broader German market, also focusing on Austria and Switzerland. Whilst the ability to speak German  isn’t essential it does help that the girls  have this ability. Head of Talent’s London operations Alex Phillips said ‘business appears to be booming, and  it would be a  logical step to create a permanent presence  in Germany in the near future.’

Well done guys – Vorsprung durch technik!