Discover why the aged care industry is trying to integrate technology on a vast scale and how IT professionals will therefore be more in demand.

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Certain Australian aged care businesses such as Feros Care and Thomas Holt Aged Care are trying to use technology to improve their services. The Australian Government has also made a point of showing its support for research into technology for the care industry as a way of making sure aged care is as effective as possible and improves the lives of the elderly.

Find out how this technology is dramatically transforming aged care and how Talent International can advise you on available IT job opportunities in rapidly changing Australian industries.

A way to give seniors more independence

The Federal Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt, said that the Australian Government was supportive of the company Feros Care’s investment in technological innovation for aged care.

According to Inside Ageing, Feros has opened the “Experience Centre,” a lab that serves as a place of research and design of technologies that will help seniors and people with disability. A big reason for this technology initiative in aged care is to to simply show older people how to use the Internet so that they can choose their own caretaker.

“Access to quality, accurate and timely information is vital to support consumers and their families to make informed choices about their care,” Wyatt said.

The internet is also in demand so that seniors can have more social interaction, an important aspect of mental health.

Another technology that Feros is introducing is Care@Home, which was first conceived as a home security system but is now cleverly being adapted for the elderly. The daily behaviours of the older person are monitored with sensors and intelligent algorithms and if anything is out of the ordinary, a loved one will receive an alert. This technology makes it so the elderly do not rely so heavily on others and can carry out everyday tasks with greater independence.

These technologies empower the elderly to live autonomously, yet safely. They also allow them to make their own decisions by giving them equal access to information. These contributions to aged care have been so impactful, in fact, that the CEO of Feros Care, Jennene Buckley has been inducted into the Aged Care IT Hall of Fame.

Tech-savvy Baby Boomers are entering aged care

Feros is not the only industry catching onto the importance of implementing technology into aged care. George Lymbers, CIO of Thomas Holt Aged Care says that the industry is on the verge of a disruption as Baby Boomers enter retirement age.

Aged care businesses will need to step up their game in catering to this more tech-savvy generation that will not be satisfied if they do not have technology available to them as they did in their every day lives. For example, residents will want access to services such as Netflix and food delivery via the internet.

“As such Thomas Holt is entering a new realm of hyper-connectivity that enables residents to have the exact same technology experience that would have at home, coupled with professional medical and aged care,” Lymbers explains.

To remain relevant in the market, aged care companies will need to start offering a more technological living situation. This all goes to show that the older customer segment is not exempt from demanding IT services. The perception that aged care is less reliant on technology than other industries is increasingly becoming less true.

Talent International’s market awareness

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