Australian professionals may want to think twice before heading overseas in search of a great IT career. The next Silicon Valley could be in their back yards!

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For many young IT&T professionals looking to make their mark on the tech sector, Silicon Valley and other global hubs for digital work are seen as the big leagues. These locations are where the world’s biggest tech companies have their offices, and where workers from overseas flock to with hopes of ‘breaking in’ to the industry. There is however, another option much closer to home.

Australia’s tech sector has exploded in recent years thanks to a range of local startups that have begun to expand overseas, alongside increased government focus on the country’s digital economy. The real question then for workers thinking about heading overseas is whether they’ll have the same great opportunities available right here at home.

Australia’s tech sector growth

On a global scale, Australia is one of the most digitally connected nations in the world. According to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, nine out of 10 Aussies actively use the internet in their day-to-day lives, with three quarters of these accessing the web from a mobile device. This huge market makes Australia a great breeding ground for new ideas and products that can then be expanded on an international scale.

In fact, many believe that Australians are more receptive to new ideas, with Silicon Valley executive Tien Tzuo telling Business Insider Australia that the country was far more interested in disruptive business models such as subscription services.

“We did a survey with the Economist on the rise in these subscription models, in the US, UK and Australia. The US actually lagged in terms of companies wanting these alternating models and Australia was number one,” he said.

A government receptive to growth

Another big factor in the growth of Australia’s tech sector has been a renewed focus from the Turnbull government, which has rolled out several policies with the goal of driving progress. The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Greg Hunt, believes government will play a big role in the country’s digital future.

“The Internet’s evolution is unique in that it has evolved with limited direct government involvement,” he said, referencing several policies including:

What it all means for IT&T job candidates

For candidates, the booming tech sector means that there are more opportunities than ever. With the power of the internet and the rise of globalisation, there’s no longer any reason a company based in Australia can’t compete on the world stage. Of course, there’s still a strong appeal to working with the big Silicon Valley giants – after all, it’s these companies that are really pushing the industry forward.

Understanding this, Talent recently announced a joint venture with US-based RPO provider Coit Group, bringing our recruitment expertise to Silicon Valley and providing an avenue for workers from all over the globe to get great contract work and broaden their experience – often without having to leave their homes and travel overseas.

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