Apps & Mobile


Application Development is a unique and dynamic specialist area that has been growing in terms of revenue and employment opportunities.  If there has ever been a time to hire the right app and mobile developers, it’s now. 

Talent understands the importance of maintaining industry knowledge in this fast-moving field. We actively engage in online forums and industry events to ensure we’re always up-to-date with what’s happening on the ground. From Analyst Programmers to Database Developers and Application Packagers – Talent has candidates available that are skilled in Java, ObjectiveC, and Cocoa, as well as specialists in Xamarin, centretouch, phonegap and reactive design.

Why Use Talent For Ap & Mobile Developer Recruitment?

A Case Study

One of Talent’s largest clients, a leading technology company, procures their employees through an in-sourced resourcing team as well as utilising an external agency preferred supplier panel. Talent has had a successful partnership with this client in Australia, New Zealand and Asia since 2009. This year’s customer satisfaction survey places Talent in the top 3 across all categories when compared to that of our competitors on the panel.

Being engaged as an Australasian partner for IT recruitment, our objectives are focused on streamlining the client’s recruitment needs by augmenting our Asia Pacific account management approach, capturing key and relevant data to illustrate trends and learnings and importantly ensure our delivery teams meet the client app and mobile developer requirements.