Job seekers underestimate the importance of asking questions in interviews. Our skilled team of recruiters from across the globe have answered your questions to common recruitment problems in our series: Ask Our Recruiters. Learn some questions that you can ask that will make you stand out as a candidate.

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Know that in almost any interview, after you’ve been asked all the questions, the tables will be turned and you’ll be asked “Do you have any questions for us?” Discover some interview tips about the kinds of questions you can ask that show two things: that you want to succeed and that you’re a curious person.

“What are your concerns?”

The best way to address any doubts that the interviewer may have about your competency for the job is to ask the hard but necessary question: “How did I do?” It may seem brash but it shows that you’re willing to go that extra mile to convince them that you’re the person for the job.

Chris Hugget, a Principal Consultant in Sydney explains that you don’t have to phrase it just like that – there are various ways that you can say it. For example, you could ask, “Is there anything you’re concerned about?” The main aim of this question is just to see if the recruiter has any reservations about the skills listed on your resume, Hugget says. It’s an opportunity to make sure that you have explained all of your strengths and how you can overcome any weaknesses.

Giving your interviewer the chance to address his or her concerns about your potential also shows a level of self-awareness and courage, according to a Harvard Business Review article written by two business professors – Tanya Menon of Ohio State University and Leigh Thompson of Kellogg School of Management. In any business, the ability to address weaknesses is a respected quality. It demonstrates that you are willing to do whatever it takes to be better, even if it’s a little awkward.

“What is the culture like here?”

People like the idea of working with someone who wants to integrate themselves not only into the business, but also the culture. This is why Sharyn Saxyby, an Account Manager in Sydney, thinks that the best questions people can ask are about culture. It shows a wish to commit to the company and an interest in fellow employees.

Amy Hoover, president of TalentZoo, explains to Business Insider that another way to ask a question about the culture is “What do you like most about working for this company?” This question establishes a connection between you and the interviewer. It’s a more personal question that “creates a sense of camaraderie” because it offers the interviewer the chance to talk about what they like and what they’re good at.

Saxyby also says that this question will help you determine if a company is culturally aligned with your own values. You can also ask more specifically about any community or charity programs that they are involved in.

Ask the questions that interest you most

If it comes to the end of the interview and you still feel you ought to ask more questions, ask about things that interest you most.

This is no easy task as improvising is mostly a conversational skill that can only be gained by doing lots of interviews. But if you are able to think on your feet and ask questions that you really want to know about the company, that will help you stand out and avoid having very similar questions to another candidate.

Showing you’re unique, interested and motivated is the key to a successful interview. To find out more helpful job-seeking tips, contact Talent. We’re a company that specialises in recruitment in the IT industry and can give you the advice you need to navigate the job market.