Telco & Communications

The telecommunications sector faces ongoing talent challenges in a volatile post-GFC market: the cost of contract labour; skills shortages; low-level sector appeal; and regulatory changes mean finding and keeping talent can be complex. But that’s where we can help.

Our practice draws on market expertise, providing clients with a strategically results-oriented approach: one that goes beyond the day-to-day of filling roles. Our team cultivate ongoing relationships with telco talent offering clients access to high-value talent pools; they advise clients on building & maintaining a powerful employer brand, given the potential impact for hiring & retention; and they research and market-test talent expectations for role flexibility. From VOIP/ PABX Engineer to Telco Technician / Rigger  to PABX specialist and Telco Project Manager – Talent can source the right candidates for all your staffing needs.

Why Talent – A Case Study

We are currently a key partner to one of Asia’s largest foreign telco vendors. The types of candidates we have identified for this organisation include Program Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, System Administrators, Network Administrators, and Systems Testers.  We have been particularly successful in recruiting a range of developers for their data centre in Malaysia, via the use of volume assessment centres.