Financial Services Vendor

The  build or buy question has long been a tough decision for financial services providers, particularly banks or brokers in areas like Trading Execution  where technology can be a differentiator.

Or in Middle and Back office where regulatory pressures drive process change. The software vendors have been the beneficiary of a post financial crisis bias towards buying specialist software.  Talent has a deep understanding of the Financial Software market and long track record of successfully servicing clients in the sector. From Regional Sales, through Pre Sales and Professional Services our capability in the  this sector is second to none.

Why Talent – A Case Study

Talent International Hong Kong has become a strategic recruitment partner working for this  global buy-side solutions vendor across the APAC region for over 5 years.

We have successfully sourced talent for them in almost all divisions and at various levels including; Sales Director, Marketing Director, Technical Consultant, Regional Product Manger, Pre Sales and Technical Consultants. We have successfully completed assignments in Hong Kong, Singapore and China. They know we understand their business and we have built a level of trust and understanding on which a very successful long term relationship has been built.