IT roles have continued to evolve, with the latest trend affecting procurement jobs as third platform technologies take hold.


People in IT jobs are tasked with managing a significant amount of change in their chosen industry. While all sectors are subject to some upheaval, IT employees are at the mercy of constantly evolving technology that’s beginning to permeate all departments within businesses.

Jobseekers need to be on their toes as it’s important for them to be familiar with both current and developing trends. This is especially true with regards to third platform technologies such as big data and cloud computing, which are becoming responsible for an increasing amount of IT spending.

Which jobs are set to evolve?

Procurement roles are experiencing the latest round of impacts from third platform technologies as the IT industry continues to influence other industries. The International Data Corporation (IDC) recently completed its Middle East chief information officer (CIO) Summit Survey, which detailed investment trends for IT decision makers in the Gulf.

The firm found that business executives are becoming more involved in IT-related decisions, especially in regards to third platform technologies.

According to the survey, the lines that traditionally separated departments within a company are beginning to blur as the prevalence of these trends rises. This brings a new dimension to IT roles, as there is now a focus on inter-team collaboration for these employees.

“While IT departments typically remain in charge of procuring 3rd-Platform technologies, line-of-business leaders are playing an increasingly active role in the process, with CFOs and CMOs, in particular, becoming key influencers,” said Senior Research Manager at IDC Megha Kumar.

“Social media and big data analytics are the main areas in which lines of business either procure solutions or heavily influence the final decision, while our survey also showed that they are most likely to procure solutions based in public clouds, as these technologies require little or no IT involvement.”

One major complication observed by the study that IT workers need to be aware of, is shadow IT. This is where companies pursue IT solutions without consulting the relevant department.

“Shadow IT creates major compliance and security challenges for the CIO, and in order to avoid these issues it is critical for IT departments to align closely with the lines of business,” explained Ms Kumar.

Is this happening in Australia?

Data from the Department of Finance suggests that government departments are looking to procure external IT services rather use an internal option.

Of the different services procured by the various departments last year, IT services accounted for 4.3 per cent of all contracts procured. This had a value of over $2 billion, ranking it sixth highest out of all services the government drew on.