About Talent

Talent is a progressive and highly innovative technology and digital recruitment specialist, supplying thousands of contract and permanent technology professionals across the globe.  With revenue approaching $500 million per annum,  Talent is experiencing outstanding growth and is one of the largest independently-owned and operated recruitment businesses in the world.

Across Talent, we have made a commitment to ‘break from the pack’ and are in the process of building a truly unique global IT, technology and digital recruitment specialist practice that will provide an unparalleled level of service and care for our candidates and our clients.  We aim to create a brand that represents our progressive and innovative thinking, a high level of compassion for others and a sense of adventure in all that we do.


  • Empowering Technology Professionals since 1995

  • // 1995

    Talent is founded in Perth

    Founded by Richard Earl in Perth in September 1995 initially operating from a home office when things in Western Australia were pretty quiet and the mining boom was yet to take off.

    This year in Technology:

    Yahoo.com domain is registered
    Microsoft release Internet Explorer 1.0
    LiveScript is renamed JavaScript
  • // 1999

    Sydney is launched

    Launched Sydney in 1999 in the midst of a dot com and Y2k boom and quickly experienced the end of both. It took entrepreneurial qualities and great people to navigate that situation and today it is Talent’s largest office and also company HQ.

    This year in Technology:

    About.com is launched 
    NVIDIA introduces the GPU
    RIAA sues Napster
  • // 2005-2007

    Australian national expansion with four more offices

    The Australian national expansion continued with the opening of our Melbourne office in 2005. Within two years we had added offices in Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide and were ready for major growth.

    This year in Technology:

    Youtube is founded
    Jack Dorsev, Twitter founder, posts first tweet
    Google releases Android
  • // 2009 - 2011

    New Zealand expansion

    In order to service trans-Tasman clients and and  an emerging and innovative technology sector in New Zealand,  we launched in Auckland in 2009 followed by Wellington in 2010.

    This year in Technology:

    The 3-D Camera was invented
    Flipboard was launched
    Robotic Teachers invented and deployed in Korean schools
  • // 2011-2012

    Asian offices open

    With Asia representing a key part of our future strategy, we opened Singapore in 2011 and acquired Sterling Search in Hong Kong in 2012. Talent also hit the A$200m revenue mark and entered the BRW Top500 Private Australian Companies at #280.

    This year in Technology:

    Steve Jobs passes away
    Kindle Fire launches
    Apple overtakes Exxon in wealth
  • // 2012

    Talent enters the UK market

    As part of our growth strategy,  Talent opens an office in London to service the emerging digital sector and slowly recovering banking sector.

    This year in Technology:

    Google Glass developed
    Microsoft Surface & Windows 8 released
    Google releases Android
  • // 2013

    Unleashed is born

    In May 2013 at our “Unleashed” event in Sydney and with Sir Richard Branson in attendance, we announced our intention to transform the way we do business. We talked about taking our contractors and clients to an ‘’impossible place’’ which is our way of saying we wanted to provide a level of customer service that might surprise people beyond their best expectations. In 2014 we launched the Talent Unleashed Awards with Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak as global judges. Click here to find out more.

    This year in Technology:

    Microsoft moves users from Hotmail to Outlook 2013
    Apple introduces iOS7
    Sony releases the PS4
  • // 2014

    Talent RISE Launches

    Talent RISE is the foundation of Talent – a global IT&T recruitment and technology services specialist. Through Talent RISE we are uniting the spirit of 15 million global IT&T professionals to collectively roll up their sleeves and facilitate real world solutions to the youth unemployment crisis.

    Partnering with leading not-for-profit organisations, Talent RISE is set to reignite the passion of the technology sector to show young people what’s possible by inspiring, empowering and positively impacting them through education, mentoring and job placement opportunities.

  • // 2014

    IT Consultancy division created

    Seeing a market opportunity Talent acquires Perth-based IT Consultancy Agile Logic, with a brief to create an IT consulting and delivery model based around independence, quality, and value.  Agile Logic re-brands as Avec in December. Click here to find out more.

    This year in Technology:

    Facebook celebrates 10 years
    Samsung unveils its 5S smartphone
    Spotify announces its 10 millionth paying subscriber
  • // 2014

    Scaling up in the UK

    With clear evidence of an improving market, Talent expands across the UK with offices in Birmingham, Manchester, and Bristol.

    This year in Technology:

    Google Announces will enter smart watch space
    Disney introduces wireless tracking wristband in its theme parks
    Australia's Commercialisation Australia - Government funded start-up investment program is shut down
  • // 2015

    Talent Celebrates 20 Years

    Talent celebrates 20 years of business and continued growth.

    This year in Technology:

    Google Releases Google Glass
    Apple releases Apple Watch
    Tesla starts piloting self driving cars
  • // 2016

    Talent expands into Europe

    Talent expands into continental Europe with offices in Amsterdam and Berlin, with ambitious growth plans to increase our European presence.

    This year in Technology:

    Drones Trend
    Virtual Reality
    Pokemon Go
    Artificial Intelligence reached new heights
  • // 2016

    Talent enters the USA

    Talent expands into the rapidly growing US market. The first flagship Talent office opens in San Francisco.

    This year in Technology:

    Drones Trend
    Virtual Reality
    Pokemon Go
    Artificial Intelligence reached new heights
  • // 2018 +

    The Future for Talent

    Digital markets are growing and technology is changing at a rapid pace… Watch this space.