The CEO of APAC’s most socially engaged recruitment company says prioritising thought leadership over generic content is crucial to keeping an audience hooked.

LinkedIn Award Winner
LinkedIn recently ranked Talent at the top of its social engagement list in the local region, and CEO Mark Nielsen told Shortlist the differentiators that Talent has over and above “just being a digital and technology recruitment business” are what fuel its content and attract interest.

A diverse cluster of initiatives, including the Talent Unleashed Awards, Talent Rise, and 100% Human at Work, as well as defining how Talent’s culture differs from cultures in other organisations, have contributed to its recognition from LinkedIn, he says. “The team is engaged in what we’re doing, they find it interesting, a lot of them get involved in the programs we’re doing, so there’s that bought-in interest for the staff and in the initiatives that we’re doing.”

Employees’ engagement with Talent’s various programs has acted as a force multiplier, as they share content out to their own networks, ensuring the business as a whole reaches the broadest possible audience, says Nielsen. “It’s not a direct campaign, but a continuous feeding and updating of the stuff we’re doing. We don’t formally go out and say ‘let’s block out a bit of time for a campaign. It’s just the way that the business is and it’s embedded in the culture that we’re always experimenting and trying new things.”

Much of Talent’s social media content originates from its marketing team, with input from general managers in various states and countries including chair Richard Earl and Nielsen himself, but consultants also have a high degree of autonomy in engaging with their audiences. “If they do come to us and say they want to do something on a certain topic that interests them – say cyber security – we’ll say ‘here are a few pointers and here’s some content for you to put out’,” he says.

Recycling content less effective

Talent tries to avoid re-posting or rehashing content “that’s been done before”, giving prominence to original work, says Nielsen.

Content that is fresh, new and experimental is what works, he says, adding that the average attention span per email or piece of social media content is about nine seconds long, “so you’ve really got to have something of interest to grab people’s attention. It has to be something that is going to make a change, so it can’t just be generic stuff”. One approach is to convey how the business works with its teams, such as on boarding new consultants.

“This creates a strong communication platform for people who are interested in joining Talent, to help understand the culture of the business and gives them an insight into other people in the organisation. That’s what people are interested in,” Nielsen says.

As a result, the business has seen a definite uptick in interest from potential candidates who are more tech savvy – both as contractors, and people who want to work with Talent, he adds.


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Source – Shortlist