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If you can list programming languages SQL, Java and Python on your CV, you’re laughing this year. New research from Coding Dojo places these at the top in a list of the nine most in-demand programming languages of 2017.

The research involved Coding Dojo poring through thousands upon thousands of job postings on It’s becoming something of an annual undertaking, with last year’s research showing SQL, Java and JavaScript to be the top three programming languages on the lips of employers.

Once again, it is SQL that’s proving the most called-for programming language in 2017, showing up in nearly 50,000 more Indeed job descriptions than last year. We shouldn’t be too surprised, given that SQL is a common language used to communicate and manipulate databases, with variations like MySQL and Microsoft SQL popular amongst developers.

Java skills are in greater demand, too, with the amount of Java positions available on Indeed going up by almost 30,000 (to more than 60,000) in 2017 compared to last year. This is likely to be down to the continued growth of Android – all Android apps are built with Java, of course – combined with approximately 90% of Fortune 500 companies using Java as a server-side language for back-end development.

Python broke into the top three, having climbed two places in Coding Dojo’s rankings, which coincides with Microsoft launching the beta version 2.0 of its Cognitive Toolkit open source deep-learning framework in October 2016, which includes support for Python. Used for desktop apps, web apps and data mining, Python is a general-purpose programming language that emphasises code readability and increases developer productivity.

Python’s assurgency prompted JavaScript to slip one place in the rankings, while Ruby on Rails disappeared from the list altogether. Making up the other five places were: C++, C#, Perl, iOS Family and PHP.

How many of the nine can you put on your CV?

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