As a software developer, it’s important to keep up with the trends and be aware of what skills are currently in demand. By arming yourself with an understanding of the skills that are high on employers’ most wanted lists, you naturally become a more attractive proposition.

So, where should you be investing your time this year?

According to one industry expert, JavaScript, TypeScript and component-oriented front-end web app development skills are where it’s at.

In an interview with, Burke Holland, developer relations at Progress, explains how most new front-end development will be done in component-oriented JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular.

React and Angular are the two most popular JavaScript frameworks, but they appeal to different environments. React is “lightweight” and makes up consumer-facing applications like Netflix, Facebook and Instagram, while Angular has roots in the programming language TypeScript, which appeals to enterprise developers.

Explaining TypeScript’s increasing usage, Holland highlighted how it “provides a structured language on top of JavaScript”. It also makes JavaScript accessible to developers who are “classically trained” in C#, Java, C++ and other structured languages, ensuring they don’t have to forego their hard-earned programming knowledge.

TypeScript, along with React, is proving to be the gateway to increased usage of component-oriented web development.

Holland’s advice for developers, then, is to learn TypeScript, React and Angular. It makes sense, with Angular written in TypeScript. He believes that with these skills “you can easily build web and native mobile applications, all using the same language”.

It sounds like a no-brainer for developers – it ensures they are being as productive as possible with their time.

Holland’s concluding words were particularly valuable: “We want to learn something once and not have to relearn things every 12 months. It’s exhausting. Then again, we don’t want to be limited by the fact that we’re experts in one specific domain. That’s very frustrating.”

Basically, it pays to constantly be increasing the skills you have in your locker. It’s time to go away and put that advice into practice.


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