Most people throughout their careers will deal with a recruiter to find a job at some point. Finding a new role can be a stressful process for anybody regardless of how many interviews they’ve previously had. Our recruiters work to get to know their candidates and place them in the best role.  In this role reversal we get to know our Recruiters in Auckland both at work, and in their personal lives.


Shweta Chopra, Consultant – Auckland

What makes you want to come to work at Talent every day?

My team, my clients and of course my candidates.

What is your fondest moment at Talent International?

I have only been with Talent a few months, but so far it would be my first day joining Talent. I joined as a consultant and am looking forward to making more memories!

What have you learnt in your time in your role as Consultant?

It is not over until it’s over! Never giving up is important in recruitment.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Talent?

I’m still quite new, but I like to set high goals for myself and see myself achieving them with Talent.

What did you think you’d be doing in high school compared to what you actually do now?

While at High School I wanted to be a journalist, now I’m a Consultant.

Who’s been your biggest influence in life?

My Mum is my biggest influence. She is my inspiration and my favourite life lesson from her is never too old to learn, don’t give up, and stay positive.

Something nobody at work would know about you?

I was a big fan of George Michael during my teenage years! I even had a poster of him in my room.