A few months ago our team in the UK spent the day supporting a fantastic charity called Ickle Pickles. Ickle Pickles are the smallest and sickest babies who need intensive care in Neonatal Units – whether born too soon or with an illness, the NHS cares for over 20,000 ickle pickles every year.

With NHS budgets being continually squeezed there is a real and tangible need for public donation and support for neonatal care, this is where Talent stepped in.

The weather was perfect and consultants enjoyed the day adorned in fancy dress taking part in various activities to raise money and awareness for Ickles Pickle. The day was rounded off by taking to the streets in wacky outfits collecting generous public donations. All of the money raised by staff was matched by the Talent UK board.


Alex Phillips (Director), Simone Vergis (Resourcer) & Rosie Makepeace (Talent Acquisition Manager) visited The Royal Hospital in Whitechapel, London on Friday (7 October) to present the Ickle Pickles team with their cheque for £2,000.

Whilst at the Hospital they gained an insight into the running of the Neonatal Unit. The team of doctors and nurses running the department for premature babies explained how the funds would help them purchase a new Humidifier machine for the babies. The machine would maintain the temperature of the oxygen the babies receive when they need support breathing.

Commenting on the day, Rosie Makepeace, Talent Acquisition Manager said: “It was really emotional to see the Unit and some of the families that rely on the support of charities like Ickle Pickles. It gives us great pride to know that the money raised will go on to support babies to survive and continue their lives. Thank you to all of the team at The Royal Hospital for taking time out of their busy day and also Ickle Pickles for all of the work they do.”

If you’d like to find out more about Ickle Pickles visit their website