For a candidate to get a job in this modern world, it is important that features such as mobile connectivity are considered.


Skills in the IT industry continue to change at lightning speed, forcing both candidates and businesses to take a different approach to recruitment. For candidates wanting to adapt, the first point of call must be their CV.

If it has been a few years since your last update, your CV may not reflect what businesses are looking for today. As such, you could be looked over for a role even though you have the qualifications, skills and experience to add value to their operations.

A modern CV must include elements that leave a mark on your recruiters and portray you in the best light to get an interview.

Here are five features you should include on your CV:

1) Foreign languages

The IT industry is connected throughout the world and those with a diverse set of language skills are going to be in high demand in the coming years. Listed among CV Correct’s top special knowledge and skills, candidates are reminded to include these in their updated CV.

However, it is important to remember to list how proficient you are in these languages.

Other language skills such as Australian sign language or braille might also be useful to add to your resume.

2) Links to all profiles

Social media is a great platform for those seeking employment in IT as it can provide additional ammunition to your application. LinkedIn is a good example in this situation as prospective employers can search your connections and look at endorsed skills.

This isn’t the only platform that you should link to. Perhaps you have a professional Twitter profile that highlights your knowledge of the industry or a full portfolio of your work.

According to experts, a CV should be three pages maximum, but by linking to other profiles and information, you can access additional scope to show how valuable you can be for the organisation.

3) Mobile-friendly

Most of us read emails and other documents on our smartphones, so it can be safely assumed that recruiters take this approach as well. With this in mind, could it be detrimental if your CV wasn’t mobile friendly? A Glassdoor blog from June says “yes”.

Jesse Siegal, a senior managing director at The Execu|Search Group, believes the easier your CV is to access, the better your chances of a job interview.

“Getting your resume mobile friendly is only going to help and give you little more of a competitive edge in a pretty tight market,” he said in the GlassDoor article.

In terms of style and format, this means short, snappy sentences and simple font choices.

4) Range of reference communications

There is no doubt that we now live in the digital age with nearly everyone having multiple contact details. As such, this means that candidates need to list alternative contact details for referees.

In the past, a simple email address or phone number would have been enough, but there are so many options that can enhance your chances of a job interview. Perhaps list their LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle or a link to their professional page.

It is in your best interests for recruiters to talk to your referees so ensure they can contact each other.

5) Name drop competitors

In the IT world, there are countless competitors within the same marketplace. This means that candidates who have experience with the rivals down the road have a clear advantage in relation to ideas and known systems.

All businesses want to leverage the intellectual information of their competitors, which suggests that this is valuable information for your CV, according to Prospects UK.

A CV is a gateway to your next job. As such, ensure it has all the bells and whistles to attract recruiters in for a second look.


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