Here are four of the most popular technologies driving the tech sector that IT professionals should keep an eye on over the Christmas period.



As a professional with a career in IT, technology is likely not just a job for you, but a way of life. Keeping up with the latest IT trends is an important priority that will help you follow the demands shaping your industry – plus, it can be just plain fun. If your Christmas wishlist is filled with gadgets and you’re singing “All I want for Christmas is the latest technology” at the top of your lungs, here are some of the most exciting pieces of tech you should hope to find under your tree on Christmas morning:

1. Playstation VR

Virtual reality is rapidly gaining momentum, allowing you to experience your entertainment like never before.The new Playstation VR headset is a prime example of this technology, working in conjunction with the Playstation 4 to create an immersive gaming experience. It provides a 360 degree view of the game environment, making viewers feel that they are really part of the world of the game. Other features include a 120 frames per second display, 3D audio technology, precise tracking and compatibility with Playstation Move controllers.

2. The Fitbit

In the world or wearables and fitness trackers, the Fitbit has remained a leader for a long time, and is a popular Christmas gift for the active and tech-savvy. With the available devices ranging from the basic step counter to the performance smartwatch, people of every fitness level will be able to find a gadget that suits their needs. Depending on the model, capabilities may include accurate heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, text and call notifications and sleep monitoring.

3. Amazon Echo

This gadget highlights a significant step towards mainstream AI technology, with the speaker acting as a virtual personal assistant able to answer questions, control smart home devices and even call an Uber or order a pizza. In addition, it’s a 360 degree music player that produces enviable sound quality.

4. The Parrot Pot

For the IT professional that wishes they had a green thumb, the Parrot Pot is a near fool-proof way to care for your plants. It is a smart flowerpot that has built-in sensors to monitor the condition of your plant, and can even water it automatically as needed.  More interestingly, the technology demonstrates the many ways that IT has integrated with living things.

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift or just want to keep an eye on the tech horizon for the sake of your IT job, these trends epitomise the technology that is currently taking the IT world by storm.