2018 is here, and it’s a time for new beginnings. For many, this will mean a change in career. Some candidates might even decide to get into tech contracting to take advantage of the increased opportunities and flexibility it comes with. With the new year, however, also comes a different set of in-demand skills in the tech community:

tech skills in demand

1) Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Only recently have we begun to realise the true potential of AI, and it remains a severely under-staffed industry in 2018. The development of machine learning (whereby AI systems are given access to data so that they can learn and apply knowledge themselves) introduced even more niche areas of expertise into the market. Specific skills required include advanced programming, working with complicated datasets and creating algorithms.

Education and training for AI is expanding in an effort to bridge the skill gap, so training yourself up in this area now will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

The true potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning is only just being realised.

2) Data science

The increased focus on machine learning and business intelligence means data scientists are becoming integral parts of a variety of businesses’ tech teams. Python and Java are the most common programming languages you’ll need to be proficient in, while having strong analytical and mathematical skills will also give you a boost in this field.

3) Software-as-a-service (SaaS) in the cloud

SaaS in the cloud holds many advantages for businesses across all industries, because it means they no longer need to install or run applications on their own computers. This takes away all the expenditure of acquisition, licensing and maintenance.

Experience in Amazon Web Services and Azure (Microsoft’s cloud computing service) will help you stand out, as will knowledge of the cloud stack, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware. Previous work in DevOps will also benefit you.

Knowledge of SaaS in the cloud will be one of the most sought after skills in 2018.

4) Cybersecurity

Despite being given high priority in 2017, a number of eminent cyberattacks occurred last year, including WannaCry and that against worldwide advertising agency WPP. In 2018, therefore, cybersecurity will go from high priority to number one priority.

Those with experience in IoT (Internet of Things) are in even hotter demand. IoT is suffering an increasing number of cybersecurity breaches, and Gartner predicts that nearly half of IoT budgets will go to product recalls, incident response and cybersecurity by 2022.

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