It’s fair to say that with more and more businesses implementing digital transformation strategies, the mobile enterprise apps market is going to see plenty of growth over the next five years.

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, the market will grow to $128 billion (£103bn) by 2022, as companies look to transform everyday business processes.

Enterprise Apps Tech News predicts that three smart enterprise mobile app trends will drive this growth:

1. Utilisation of existing native mobile device features

The average smartphone packs quite a punch, but the capabilities of these devices are often under-utilised. Apps can help enterprise users get the most out of the existing native mobile device and improve operational efficiency.

For example, geolocation services give office staff the ability to access the location of workers on the warehouse floor — via their mobile app — and make decisions based on proximity, cutting down the time it takes to complete a task.

Smartphone cameras are there to be taken advantage of, too, helping firms gather data, while touch ID can be used to make and approve purchase orders. Staff training will be required, of course, but businesses stand to gain from helping users combine the functionality of their enterprise apps with the features inherent to their mobile devices.

2. Seamless transition between workflows

Perhaps the greatest reason for firms to implement enterprise mobile apps is their ability to transform how teams work, increase flexibility, and improve workflows and collaborations.

Although seamless workflow transition is possible when employees’ data sources and apps are available from their device of choice, this functionality can give IT a bit of a security headache.

The solution? To adopt the concept of conditional access, giving IT departments the ability to impose restrictive access on a remote location or mobile device that may not be trusted, without eliminating the app altogether.

3. Getting virtual assistants to do the dirty work

Nobody would turn down the offer of having somebody help them complete their timesheets or expense reports, but it might not be long before virtual assistants pick up the slack.

Chatbots — in the form of enterprise mobile apps — can make arduous day-to-day tasks more efficient. It’ll be a little while yet before these tasks are fully automated, but for now we can make do with virtual assistants lending a helping hand.

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