For some people, it’s a dream to have multiple job offers on the table. For others, it’s something of a nightmare.

With half of UK workers having admitted to accepting multiple job roles, as per recent research, it’s clear that this ‘dilemma’ is becoming commonplace.

However, it should always be taken as opportunity rather than a problem. If you can handle the offers with assurance and skill, that’s exactly what it will become.

The Telegraph spoke with the recruitment industry – including our very own EMEA chief executive Jon Butterfield – to come up with a list of dos and don’ts for when you find yourself in the position of having multiple offers.

DO be honest about your offers

The respective companies will appreciate your honesty – it will also help confirm their opinion that you’re a prime candidate. Just be sure to let your preferred choice know that they are the one you would ideally want to come to an agreement with.

DON’T leave it too late

You should disclose your offers to the employers concerned at the earliest possible opportunity. Using your privileged position to demand more money later in the process can be seen as unprofessional or dishonest.

DO keep your options open

One offer will probably stand out amongst the rest, but make sure you keep your options open by keeping in regular contact with your second and third choice.

DON’T burn your bridges

Be gracious when rejecting offers – you never know where the contact you communicate with will end up in the future.

DO say thank you

Saying thank you upon getting a job offer won’t make you look desperate – it’ll just show you to be a polite and professional candidate.

DON’T just think about salary

There are other factors to consider when weighing up a job offer than just money. Consider personal and professional growth, as well as the cost of career progression.

One final thing: don’t spend too long making your mind up. Employers understand that you have an important decision to make, but if you take too long, they might perceive it as a lack of interest and take their offer off the table. Then you might be left to opt for your second choice.


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