Find out three of the biggest job search habits you should break in order to maximise your IT job search in the new year and get more offers.

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With the new year well and truly here and the buzz of New Year’s resolutions taking effect everywhere you look, now is a great time to reflect on your habits and clean up the patterns that may be holding you back. You might not realise it, but a number of job search faux pas could be preventing you from landing an opportunity and reaching your full career potential. So without further ado, here are three habits you should break to boost your IT job hunt in 2017:

1. Recycling your resume

No matter how well-written and impressive your CV might be, you cannot simply send it unedited to every vacancy you come across and expect good results. Every job is different, and each employer is looking for a unique set of qualities in their ideal candidate. If you’re recycling your resume without so much as a thought for the needs of the role, it’s unlikely you’ll be demonstrating that you fill the requirements. Instead, Business2Community recommends tailoring your CV to show exactly why you’re the perfect fit for the vacancy in question. You’ll be much more likely to get the employer’s attention that way. 

2. Resorting to cliches

Similarly, Forbes highlights the importance avoiding generic, robotic language in your job application. This refers to terms that are overused because they sound grand and inspiring, but don’t mean a lot when applied in the real world. Phrases such as “result-driven,” “team player,” “thought leader” and “strong communication skills” are plain and tired, and will do little to help you stand out from the competition. Rather than falling back on cliches, think about the qualities you genuinely bring to the table and communicate them in your own voice.

3. Relying on improvisation

Lastly, perhaps the biggest mistake you can make in an interview is to simply “wing it.” Regardless of how good you are at thinking on your feet, failing to do your research will put you at a big disadvantage in an interview, CareerBuilder argues. If the interviewer asks you a question about the role, the business or its values and you get caught out, you risk coming across as both ill-prepared and unenthusiastic about the role. Make sure you prepare well ahead of time and use what you’ve learned to emphasise your interest and proactivity.

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