Our 2015 Year Talent Unleashed Awards winners Troy Westley from CareMonkey (APAC Winner) and Samiya Parvez from Andiamo (UK Winner) are currently attending at the Igniting Change Leadership Gathering on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island together with Talent APAC CEO Mark Nielsen and Talent UK CEO Jon Butterfield.


Running from the 13th – 17th May, this wonderful gathering “explores what could happen when powerful like-minded individuals converge to discuss how to revolutionise how business, government and the social sector” and work together for good.

After a long journey to get to Necker, the group are having a sensational time. Up early each morning for a swim then attending inspirational sessions from Joe Gebbia – Co-founder of Airbnb, Jean Oelwang – President of Virgin Unite, Audette Exel – Founder of the Adara Group and Jane Tewson – Founder of Igniting Change and non-executive director of Talent International and Talent Unleashed Awards Judge.


In addition to the insightful sessions, other highlights from the first two days have included a live performance from American musician and poet Michael Franti. Lunch, sailing and snorkelling at Turtle beach and the chance to mix and socialise with the other Necker guests at dinner with Sir Richard Branson.

The topic for this year’s gathering is: Disappearing Boarders which focuses on the “interconnectedness of today’s world and how it’s both an exciting and challenging that global boarders are both disappearing and sadly in some cases reappearing”. In the sessions at Necker our Talent Unleashed winners will get the chance to connect with their hosts, speakers and other guests to share ideas on how to “truly connect and shape a world where everyone can thrive in partnership with the planet”.

For more information about the 2016 Talent Unleashed awards including this year’s incredible prize click here or visit www.talentunleashedawards.com. For more information on Virgin Unite and the Igniting Change leadership gathering click here.