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Talent is an innovative and highly-successful global IT&T recruitment and technology service specialist supplying thousands of contract and permanent technology professionals across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, EMEA and the USA.  With revenue approaching A$400 million per annum,  Talent are the largest independently-owned and operated recruitment businesses in Australia. Talent also owns Avec, an IT consulting specialist that delivers services in relationship management, enterprise service management, operations management and specialist services to clients in a fresh and unique way. Contact us for more.

Across Talent, we have made a commitment to ‘break from the pack’ and are in the process of building a truly unique global IT&T recruitment and technology services practice that will provide an unparalleled level of service and care for our candidates and our clients.  We aim to create and grow a brand that represents our progressive and innovative thinking, a high level of compassion for others and a sense of adventure in all that we do. Contact us.



Talent is one of the world’s most innovative IT recruitment companies. For over 20 years we’ve been supplying thousands of contract and permanent IT, technology and digital professionals across all aspects of the IT, Telco, Government, Utilities, Resources, Education and Digital sectors. With offices throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA our revenue approaching $400 million per annum and we are continuing to experience outstanding growth and recognition in our industry and beyond. At Talent, we’re about more than finding you your next role or assignment. We’re committed to empowering you in many other ways that will support your career, well being, and lifestyle. Our proposition is truly unique.

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